Monday, March 18, 2013

Social Media Week Lagos on CNN Inside Africa

Africa's First Social Media Week
CNN Inside Africa with Errol Barnett

One of the greatest stories of Social Media Week Lagos comes from those who are disconnected and are seeking to make positive changes in Nigeria.

CNN Errol Barnett powerful interview with Leap Africa Founder Nididi O Nwuneli creator of the LEC Leader Ethics Civics for students ages 15 to 16. Nigeria has a population of 170 million with 70% of the population being youth under age 35.

Nididi O Nwuneli spoke at mentions the "Other Nigeria" who comprises young people from low incomes. The vast majority who do not have access to social media.

It was amazing to hear the confidence with which student Terra Milford spoke about what leadership means to her. "Leadership to me is the act of bringing positive change in my environment. Leadership is innovative. It opens the eyes of others. It gives them knowledge. So we can all move forward."

Leader Ethics Civics has taught these students that they have the power to make a difference.
This school has implemented 500 change projects such as:
Zebra Crossing- to help students cross the street safely
School Library - built a library where one did not exist
Computer Center - so they can connect to social media
Marketplace Project - students worked with women in their local marketplace to open a health clinic
Erosion - planted trees
Bore Holes - fresh water

The government attended and supported the opening of the health clinic.

Other changes that Terra Milford would like to implement are improving electricity, government and infrastructure. She would like to make Nigeria a mega country like the America.

What are your thoughts on Errol Barnett's Inside Africa perspective on social media in Lagos?

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